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Quran ? What is the quran? Where did it come from? Is the quran a book written by a man? Or is it a revelation received by Man?

According to Muslims the latter statement is what is believed about this wonderful book. We believe that the quran is a revelation received by the final chosen Messenger of God, Muhammad (May the Peace & Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him) as a guide to mankind. The quran is a book which upon reading, forces one to realise that it is from out of this world and has not been produced by humans, nor is any human capable of producing it. In fact the Quran even challenges mankind to attempt to produce something like it, but none have met this challenge nor ever will.

Today there is much talk of this book, especially in the media. Everyday more and more people come forward to give there opinions about this book. Unfortunately most are bias and without any knowledge. The quran encourages us to seek knowledge but most of us have abandoned the quran for our own pursuits, one of them being the life of this world.

We are putting together this blog in a small effort to do our bit towards the service of this book. In no way does this benefit the book but rather it benefits us as the quran needs no help neither does Allah, rather it is us who need Allah and his help. May Allah help us in this task and make our path easy for this service and also keep our intentions pure and unadulterated. Ameen

Please make a prayer for us that we make this a success and that Allah accepts this from us and rewards us and you. Ameen

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